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Odyssey Salt Kiln Fundraiser

Due to the enormous amount of firings, the arch of our salt kiln has nearly collapsed, and the walls are starting to buckle.

After consulting several experts and kiln builders, we have reached our decision: It is time to rebuild! We would like to construct the best new salt kiln in the area, to be used over the coming decades for educational purposes.

When you donate, you know that you are helping to support the next generation of young ceramic artists to develop their personal aesthetic and style while contributing to the cultural preservation of an increasingly rare art form.

Who We Are

Odyssey Clayworks is an educational pottery studio and gallery located in the historic River Arts District of Asheville, North Carolina.

The spirit and programs of Odyssey are based on the philosophy that every individual's creative capacity is greatly enhanced by a generous community and challenging instruction. We believe that within each individual lies the potential for creative development.

Contact:     odysseyclayworks@gmail.com     828-285-0210

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It is our goal to make our classes and workshops available to all members of the community, regardless of income level.

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