Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts

Youth Clay Classes


Fairy Houses and Clay Critters Clay Camp Ages 4-8

Laurie Caffery Harris

August 5-9, 9am-12pm

Do you love to explore the outdoors? Do you daydream about the little fairies and critters that live there? In this class, we will be creating dwellings for all of these fantastical and magical creatures to live called Clay Worlds! For everything from fairies to garden gnomes, from porgs to pollywogs – we will create a place for everyone to live. We will exercise our imagination and creativity in this hands-on class!

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It’s Wheely Fun! Clay Camp Ages 8-12

Halima Flynt

August 5-9, 2-5pm

Learn how to throw on the potter’s wheel during this wheelie fun camp! We will learn how to make, and decorate, functional mugs, bowls, and more! Join Halima for a fun camp with an upbeat atmosphere.

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Sculptures from Scratch Clay Camp Ages 6-10

Kristen Easters

August 12-16, 9am-12pm

In this class, students will follow their imagination to create small scale figurative sculptures of animals, people, or whatever their little heart’s desire. I will demonstrate a series of different projects for students to customize to reflect their unique worldview. All pieces will be glazed so you can take them home and use them every day.

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Finding Your Spirit Animal Clay Camp Ages 8-14

Paige Janeri

August 12-16, 2-5pm

We can learn a lot from nature when we observe animals in the wild. We can see their characteristics of strengths and weaknesses. In this week of camp, we will dig into some clay and explore our spirit animals; determining how they uniquely relate to us. No experience or prior knowledge of clay is necessary to enjoy creating hand-built wall hanging tiles and sculptures of our spirit animals. Sculpture techniques will be taught in this camp and kids will gain a deeper understanding of themselves, animals, and ceramic art.

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