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Ready, Set, Throw! One Night Pottery Classes

Kelsey Sickmeyer & Cayce Kolstad

#9 Friday, September 8, 7-9pm- This class is Full
#10 Friday, September 22, 7-9pm- This class is full

Ever wanted to try your hand at the pottery wheel? Have you always wanted to learn to throw but you’re not sure if you want to commit to an 8-week class? Or maybe you and some friends are just looking for something different to do in Asheville on a Friday night. Well, look no further. Ready, Set, Throw is here!

Even if you’ve never touched clay before, our highly skilled staff will guide you through the entire process. It’s the perfect opportunity to get creative and have fun! All ages and skill levels are welcome.

Level: All Levels, Beginners Welcome
Tuition: $55 Per person, per night

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#9 September 8- This class is full

#10 September 22- This class is full


Intermediate Wheel Throwing

September Session
August 29- October 3

Laurie Caffrey Harris
Tuesdays 3-5:30pm

Have you completed a beginner wheel class and feel ready for more? This class will help you refine your skills on the potter’s wheel and offer tips and strategies for reaching your creative goals. We will practice making multiples of the same form, learn how to throw larger vessels, lidded jars, spouts and more. Laurie will also share an in-depth demonstration on how to get great glaze effects that reflect your unique style. Come with a list of goals and we will make it happen.

Level: Intermediate
Tuition: $245 + $35 Lab Fee

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Potter’s Wheel: 101

September Session
August 29- October 3

Cayce Kolstad
Tuesdays 6:30-9pm

Join Cayce for an entertaining examination of the joy of working with the potter’s wheel. In addition to throwing and trimming a variety of forms from mugs to cookie jars, Cayce will demonstrate the wheel’s capabilities beyond throwing, including banding, slipping, and even grinding your pots. This class is for true beginners as well as seasoned beginners.

Level: Beginner and Seasoned Beginner
Tuition: $200 + $35 Lab Fee

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Metal Clay

September Session
August 31- October 5

Barbara McGuire
Thursdays 11am-1:30pm

Join popular artist and author, Barbara McGuire for an exploration of metal clay, an exciting new material with remarkable creative possibilities. Learn how to use torches, special metal clay tools and dies. We will explore innovative finishing techniques to create beautiful jewelry and small sculptures that, when fired, yield amazing metallic finishes.

Level: All Levels
Tuition: $245 +$100 Lab Fee

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Carved Vases

September Session
August 31- October 5

Mac McCusker
Thursdays 6:30-9pm

Storytelling and pottery are two of humanity’s oldest art forms. This class will combine them to create imaginative pots that tell a story, illustrate a point, or even tell a joke. You will learn to carve imagery on pots, handbuilt or thrown vessels. We will use sgraffito, carving, and decals to layer decoration, iconography and meaning on the surfaces of our pots.

Level: Seasoned Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Handbuilding or Wheel Throwing
Tuition $245 + $35 Lab Fee

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How To Glaze Anything

September Session
September 1- October 6

Gabriel Kline
Fridays 10am-12:30pm

Do you hate glazing? I mean, do you really HATE glazing? Have you experienced the frustration of making a beautiful piece, then ruining it with a flawed, or perhaps worse, boring glaze? Would you rather spend your time doing just about ANYTHING else, even cleaning your studio? This is the class for you! Join Gabriel each Friday as he demystifies the techniques that will help you learn to love the glazing process, achieve more dynamic results, and get your work noticed. Topics will include under and overglaze decoration, glazing large and delicate work, spraying glazes, and multiple firings. We will also examine the basics of formulating, mixing, or altering a glaze.

Level: Seasoned Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Tuition: $245 + $35 Lab Fee

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